Abhijeet Singh

Security Researcher | Ethical Hacker

About Me

I am a Cyber Security Enthusiast and I hunt without Gun.

I’ve got some experience in Web-app security, Mobile app security, API security, Network Security, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. I’m well experienced with the tools like burp suite, Nessus, Nmap, Pentest tools, Postman, Drozer, and some of the SIEM tools. I use Parrot security OS & some of the open-source tools like Amass, sqlmapper…etc for finding the vulnerabilities in the web application and mobile application as well. Being a security researcher I have came across a few vulnerabilities such as account takeover, SQL injections, Broken Access Control like IDOR, and few series of vulnerabilities leading to account takeover. LFI, RFI, CSRF, XSS, are some of my favourites. My main focus is on OWASP Top 10 security issues.

Skills & Things about me

Making stuffs for Breaking stuffs

Secured till date!

Things I do!

Web-App Penetration Testing

Provides a complete Penetration Test against the web application in order to ensure its safety.

Android App Penetration Testing

Provides Android Application Penetration Testing in order to make the app secure.

iOS App Penetration Testing

Provides iOS Application Penetration Testing in order to make the app secure.

My Recent Research Work


IDOR on API endpoints.

Hey guys, I’m here to share my recent finding on a website which pulls me to pen down my first post. I can not disclose the name of the company…

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